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Official Upgrades take place quarterly. The hours to be upgraded are as follows:

Probationary to 1st Year1200 hours + Paid Initiation Fees + Sworn in
1st to 2nd Year2000 hours
2nd to 3rd Year3600 hours
3rd to 4th Year5200 hours
4th to Mechanic Year6800 hours + Paid Fees + Sworn in

Member Fees:
    $250 upon registration

    $250 before upgrade to Mechanic

Requirements to get sworn in:
 1. Over 1200 Hours Acquired
    • 2. Initial Fee Paid [$250]
    • 3. Complete Apprenticeship Package Recieved


Requirements to become a Mechanic:
  1. 1. All Fees Paid[$500]
  2. 2. Sworn In
  3. 3. Completed all Levels of School

*Hours and prices subject to change without notice. Some exceptions may apply where applicable.